TempurPedic Downgraded to NEUTRAL by Longbow

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TempurPedic Downgraded to NEUTRAL by Longbow

TempurPedic Downgraded to NEUTRAL by Longbow: so is this Horrible news when the giant hits a bump in the road? Or is it a great opportunity for all of our entrepreneurial, small but growing, flexible, emerging branded clients? I prefer to think the latter for all of our industry friends with emerging branded products.

Years ago, there was book called “Walking Between The Toes of the BIG BLUE Giant.” Back in the 1980’s many of my clients along the Massachusetts Route 128 corridor benefited from this very scenario. They had learned how to spin off of, build upon and even offer something IBM was not offering or could not offer at the time.

Same can be true for entrepreneurial, smartly-run, new products and diversified product growth companies, whether specialty sleep products ( gel, highly-engineered foams, latex varieties air beds, waterbeds) , hybrids, health and wellness “natural” or “organic”, smart beds, etc.

Consumers are becoming increasingly educated, and emerging, smart innovative companies can indeed benefit from the increased consumer awareness and knowledge.

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